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Dr. Ta will be taking a few months off from Practice to spend with her family.
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30 Rock Actor- Jack Mcbrayer

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Ali Farahnakian is an actor who has roles in Law and Order and All My Children.

Recently I bought a home on 50th between 2nd and 1st. The time came when I needed a dentist in the area. There was one near where I lived so I made an appointment. I went in, sat in the waiting room and it just did not feel "Right". So I walked out and started walking around my neighborhood. All of a sudden I came to 50th & 1st and I saw a sign for a dentist. I buzzed the door and went up and made an appointment and meet a Dr. Ta. This time it did feel "Right". I found her to be gentle and passionate about her craft. I grew up in a small town and to be able to walk a few hundred yards to a dentist of Dr Ta's caliber is a small town treat in a big city. I have recommended all my friends to her because it makes me look good and I believe in her. I truly believe that the path took me there that day for a reason. I am more than happy to talk about Dr Ta's gift at any time. It is through word of mouth that good things are spread.

P.S. Please check out Ali at The People's Improve Theater

Professional, courteous, and competence are just a few words that come to mind to describe Dr. Ta and her staff. Immaculate and efficient are words that illustrate their state of the art equipment and service. I have been their patient for five years now, and I can genuinely recommend Prism

Dental without reservations.

Steven K. Leong

Vice President, Credit Risk Management
Deutsche Bank Alex Brown

I would like to thank Dr. Ta and her talented staff providing me with the highest quality dental work during every stage of my treatment including cosmetic work. Every time I step foot in your office I feel like the most important person in the world! I think you always trying to have the most advanced dental equipment available and offer clean environment while I get top-of-the-line dentistry work.

Naokazu Morita

Dept. Manager, Business Development
Mitsubishi International Corporation

Paula Pell is in her tenth year as a Senior Writer and Writing Supervisor for Saturday Night Live. She is also currently developing a prime time comedy for NBC with Lorne Michaels.

"I was very nervous about going to the dentist after having past experiences that were unpleasant. I am thrilled to have found Dr. Ta who is not only an expert in her field and uses the latest dental technology but she has a wonderful way of listening to your needs as a patient and explains everything as she does it. I have heard nothing but good things from fellow patients of Dr. Ta and I would highly recommend her to anyone, especially those who dread getting dental work done. Dr. Ta. is a great dentist!"

Paula Pell

Dear Dr. Ta,
I wish to thank you and your staff for the extraordinary attention in transforming my upper four-front teeth into the most perfect 'natural' looking front teeth I could ever have. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

The final result was splendid and I have received much praise from my family and friends. You and your staff performed beyond the call of duty in making me comfortable in my numerous dental visits. the work that ways performed looked very professional.

I look forward to many years of continued visits in your dentist chair.

Genevive Francisco

Thank you Dr. Ta,
I have had such a wonderful experience with Dr. Ta! After years of neglect, I arrived at Dr. Ta's office, and thanks goodness I did! Cavities, root canals, crowns, and bonding- I've had it all! Dr. Ta and her staff have always been courteous and professional, and make the normally unpleasant business of going to the dentist fun!!

Stephanie Asadorian

After three different dentists told me I needed gum surgery, I was having trouble finding someone who could do the operation. My father had had the same procedure, but he kept referring to his dentist as "The Butcher" and did not recommend that guy. Finally I heard about Dr. Ta. Although she does do the operation, Dr. Ta felt that it might not be necessary after all. Instead she performed what's called a deep cleaning, and showed me how to properly take care of my teeth and gums, which was different from what I'd been taught before.

I like the way she pays attention to detail. She explains what she's going to do so that you know what to expect, and wants you to tell her the second you feel any pain so that she can kill it. Her assistant begins by putting something on your lips to keep them from getting chapped. Then they use something to numb the gums (without needles) before doing any kind of work, even just a regular cleaning. She finishes by using a liquid antibiotic. She's the only dentist I've ever known who cleans her patients teeth herself, continuing to examine them the entire time.

Good location, good appointment hours, very good staff, and a wonderful personality, with Dr. Ta I have finally found the dentist I'd been looking for.

Andrea Wisser

Gary A. Holifield Dermatology Specialty Representative Sales and Marketing at Amgen

Dr. Ta you are without a doubt the best dentist I have ever had the pleasure to work with. No one ever really likes to go to the dentist, but your ability to make me feel completely comfortable and always pain free made me look forward to seeing you each visit over this past year. From counseling me on my implant, caps and even reshaping my gums I could not be happier with your cosmetic mastery. After 25 years, I am no longer embarrassed to smile and I have you, Dr. Ta, to thank. People even complement my smile now. It's a feeling I can't convey in words. I also want to thank you for not compromising my long-term dental health in exchange of a quick cosmetic procedure. Your careful, thoughtful and experienced approach makes me highly recommend you to anyone I meet. Thank you so much again.


Dr. Ta is the perfect dentist for people like me who are afraid of the dentist. She anticipates and calms every fear and concern and makes the experience as pleasant as it could ever be. I'm tempted to eat more sweets so I can spend more time here. Two thumbs up!!!

Alexander Base Saturday Night Live writer!

Hello Dr.Ta,
I just want to say thank you for all your help and being a great doctor and understanding how hard and difficult this journey has been and just finally finding the right person who cares enough and to give me the courage and to be sincere through all of it. Just giving me hope.....thank you

Priscilla Lopez

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