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Top Chicago Dental Practice Launches New Website

Solution21 is thrilled to announce the launch of a new dental website for Chicago Dental Arts, a leading dental practice with multiple locations in Chicago. In an effort to expand their dental practice, Chicago Dental Arts has partnered with Solution21 to create a modern and highly-functional website that will help attract more patients from the Chicago […]

By Solution21|January 18th, 2018|blog|

Mobile First Design: The Highs and Lows

By Leah Rutherford | Solution21

In the past, it used to be of great importance for web designers and clients to focus on creating a desktop website before focusing on a mobile alternative. Even though responsive design is becoming more important, most consider working on a “full […]

By Solution21|November 23rd, 2016|blog|

Google Begins Mobile-First Indexing for Better User Experience

By Victoria C. | Solution21 | Director of Content Marketing

Without a mobile-friendly website, your ranking will start to dip

Google’s recent announcement of mobile-first indexing is encouraging a lot of dental, medical and plastic surgery practices to move away from old desktop website into native mobile-first or […]

By Solution21|November 16th, 2016|blog|

How Dentists Can Benefit from Search Engine Optimization

By Frank E. | Solution21 | Director of Client Support

No other industry is as competitive of a market as the dental industry. Dentists all over the country are battling to not only obtain new patients, but maintain those who have already started treatment in their facility. […]

By Solution21|November 3rd, 2016|blog|

Marketing Techniques to Consider for Cosmetic Dentistry Practices

By Nicole Weiss | Solution21 | Digital Marketing Consultant

With the continued popularity of cosmetic dentistry, many more practices are beginning to offer it. This makes it continually more difficult to get your own practice to stand out from the competition. Marketing methods need to become […]

By Solution21|November 1st, 2016|blog|

The Way Digital Marketing is changing the Health Care Industry

By Farid Parvini Ph.D. | Solution21 | CEO

The health care industry is a heavily regulated industry due to FDA restrictions on how organizations market their medical products and the ways in which HIPAA regulations ensure compliance on the use of patient information and storage. Due to […]

By Solution21|October 20th, 2016|blog|

Facebook Introduces Workplace – Formerly Known as Facebook at Work

By Farzin Andrew Espahani | Solution21 | VP of Growth and Marketing

On Monday, October 10th, 2016, Facebook released a collaboration tool now available for use by businesses and organizations called Workplace by Facebook. Workplace by Facebook, previously referred to as Facebook at Work, is an internal […]

By Solution21|October 19th, 2016|blog|

Understanding Google Penguin 4.0 Update and Its Impact on Your Practice

By Victoria C. | Solution21 | Director of Content Marketing

Algorithm is a set of 200 signals that Google has developed to evaluate a website’s or a page’s importance and rank the search results based on users’ queries. The signals include things like the specific words that […]

By Solution21|September 28th, 2016|blog|

How Google My Business Lists Coworking Offices

By Farzin Andrew Espahani | Solution21 | VP of Growth and Marketing

The coworking office is nothing new—in fact, they have existed for years around the world. These office types are popular with companies in the early stages of growth and provide entrepreneurs with a way to […]

By Solution21|September 23rd, 2016|blog|

Important Tips for Advertising Your Medical Practice

By Farid Parvini Ph.D. | Solution21 | CEO

Whether you’re looking to expand your current practice or are on the ground floor with a new one, it is important for a clinic to fully understand the most effective ways to advertise their medical practice. Obviously with a […]

By Solution21|September 21st, 2016|blog|